A day trip – Gopalaswamy Betta

Location: Chamarajnagar, Karnataka, India. Highest peak in Bandipur. 220 km from Bangalore
Route: Bangalore – Mysore – Gundulpet – Himavat Gopalswamy betta
We were: 4 families, 3 generations
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We went to this clouded (Himavat) hill on our way to Wayanad. There was a sudden change in the plan when a friend suggested, we need to visit this place. We got the same recommendations from many. So we decided to check this out.

Many things went wrong:

  • We should have reached the hills with the sun, to see the himavat clouds!
  • We should have made it one single trip by itself to spend the day on the hills!

  • We should not have gone in the peak of summer, for a cooler experience!

    Yet, the hills impressed me. I would definitely come back here.

  • I liked walking up and down, lakes, flowers, trees…relaxed, cracking jokes…happy.
    There is a forest guesthouse. Looks like a decent place. But we could gather that no one uses it and no food is available here. Otherwise we would have planned a night trip to stay here and wake up to the misty himavat sun!

    Now that I have found this place, I will come back here. Next time – early morning; with lots of food and water; to spend time till evening.

    A day trip – Gopalaswamy Betta

    21 thoughts on “A day trip – Gopalaswamy Betta

    1. Hi,

      I had seen your post about horsely hills and other places. I really enjoyed it. It is a well written article and I think if you can do something for me, You need to visit our place Kolli Hills, 75kms from Salem in tamilnadu. Itis very beautiful place and you will like it. For further details visit kollihillresorts.weebly.com and we will be honoured to host you.

      Warm regards,


    2. Smrti says:


      Thanks for your offer. Right now I am traveling. I would consider your invitation and write to you.

    3. yugandhar reddy says:

      hey ur photos quite superb and i think they will be useful for us as our friends r planning to horsley hills on bikes

    4. smrti says:

      Hello Vaishnavi,
      From what we got to know from the locals, everyone is asked to leave the hills in the evening. So camping may not be possible. But there was one guesthouse on the hill. Perhaps Forest office can provide accommodation. Do let me know if you find any……

    5. smrti says:

      Hello Dipayan,
      Time depends on he mode of travel. It is just above 200 km. We took 5 hrs in a tempo traveller, with a couple of stops for breakfast and other things.

    6. muneer va says:

      gopal swame petta i visited 2008, very good feel me, and notalgia ……..but this place not konw for pople . lot lover marrige arringed here.

    7. THRUPTHI says:

      hi……….it was an awsome xperience…..it was jus lyk as though v vr n swarga………………………………..

    8. Anurrag....... says:

      Hai…….. Trpupthi…………… i wanna feel to going with my frnds ……….. just i want know how s the security in that place……….. my friends are scaring abt security…….

    9. yogendra says:

      hi sir

      could you tell me that how can we reach if we come in bus, where should we reserve the tickets to reach the temple. At what time bus will arrive & departure. And also give me the mobile no of that temple poojaris / swamy’s please

      please, iam waiting for your reply

    10. Hello Yogendra,
      You need not reserve tickets, but can pay a nominal amount to the forest department at the entry to the hills.
      Sorry that I do not know about bus services to Gopalswamy betta, nor the poojari there.

    11. Rijul says:

      Hi Smriti,

      We are planning to go to this betta from mysore.. do we need to book a cab or something???

      U had travelled by car?? and what time u ideally suggest we should be there??

    12. I had visited tourisim places but COORG is totally different in that EVER GREEN COUNTRY RESORT is totally different than other places. I really enjoyed it. I think if you can also visit.

      Warm regards,


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